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Name:mrFAST Indexing Mapping
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Description:Overview This page contains a number of bioinformatics workflows based on the mrFAST sequence analysis package. This page describes Pipeline bioinformatics modules from the mrFAST suite. Problems addressed by mrFAST workflows Detailed Workflow Usage & Specifications mrFAST (micro-read Fast Alignment Search Tool) is mapper designed to map short reads to reference genome with a special emphasis on the discovery of structural variation and segmental duplications. mrFAST maps short reads with respect to user defined error threshold, including indels up to 6 bp. This manual, describes how to choose the parameters and tune mrFAST with respect to the library settings. mrFAST is designed to find 'all' mappings for a given set of reads, however it can return one "best" map location if the relevant parameter is invoked.

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