Module Detail Information

Name:Reslice (8-bit)
Type: Module
Short URL:
Description:An AIR linear transformation is applied to a Volume to bring it from the compatible source space to the target space specified within the transform. 64-bit compilation 16-bit output
Input Parameters:
 - Input (.air Linear Transformation)
 - Alternate Reslice File
 - Divide by Intensity Scale Factor
 - Divide by Intensity Scale Factor File
 - Retain Standard Volume's Voxel Dimensions
 - Interpolation Model 2,3,4
 - Overwrite
 - Multiply by Intensity Scale Factor
 - Multiplicative Intensity Scale Factor File
 - Alternate X-dimension/size/shift
 - Alternate Y-dimension/size/shift
 - Alternate Z-dimension/size/shift
 - Half-window-width values for Interpolation Models 2-4
 - Interpolation Model 0, 1, 7, 10-13
 - Interpolation Model 5,6
 - Half-window-width values for Interpolation Models 5,6
Output Parameters:
 - Output (Resliced Volume)
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