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Type: Module
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Description:Rotates volumes by 90 or 180 degrees and / or mirrors them along the major axes. This allows gross prealignment of volumes so that automated registration has a reasonable chance of success. This program can also be used as a null operation that converts an input volume into the default output format specified during the compilation of the AIR package.
Input Parameters:
 - Input
 - Permission to Overwrite Output
 - Mirror Y
 - Mirror Z
 - rotate +90 (interchange x and y)
 - rotate -90 (interchange y and x)
 - rotate +90 (interchange x and z)
 - rotate -90 (interchange z and x)
 - rotate +90 (interchange y and z)
 - rotate -90 (interchange z and y)
 - Mirror X
 - Rotate 180 X
 - Rotate 180 Y
 - Rotate 180 Z
Output Parameters:
 - Output (Reoriented Volume)
 - Output .air file
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