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Name:Align Warp (8-bit)
Type: Module
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Description:This is a nonlinear registration tool that can be used within or across subjects and includes implementation of 2D and 3D nonlinear spatial transformation models. The program will generate a .warp file that can be used to reslice the specified reslice data set to match the specified standard data set.
Input Parameters:
 - Standard Volume
 - Reslice Volume
 - Model Menu Number
 - Final Model Menu Number
 - Blur Standard
 - Blur Reslice
 - Convergence Threshold
 - Mask Standard
 - Mask Reslice
 - Warp Initialization
 - Scaling Initialization
 - Halt after N iterations without improvement
 - Use Non-positive Definite Hessian Matrices
 - Non-interaction of Spatial Parameter Derivatives
 - Maximum Iterations
 - Initial-sampling Final-sampling Sampling-decrement-ratio
 - Threshold Standard
 - Threshold Reslice
 - Verbose
Output Parameters:
 - .warp-out
 - Scaling Termination
 - Save Intermediate .warp Files
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