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Name:Align Linear (8-bit)
Type: Module
Short URL:
Description:This is a general linear intramodality registration tool (within or across subjects, 2D or 3D). The user can specify any of a variety of models, including rigid-body, affine, or perspective. The program will generate a .air file that can be used to reslice the specified reslice data set to match the specified standard data set. 64-bit compilation
Input Parameters:
 - Standard Volume
 - Reslice Volume
 - Model Number
 - Threshold Standard
 - Threshold Reslice
 - Blur Standard
 - Blur Reslice
 - Segment Standard
 - Segment Reslice
 - Standard Mask Volume
 - Reslice Mask Volume
 - Spatial Initialization
 - Scaling Initialization
 - Samplings
 - Convergence Threshold
 - Repeated Iterations
 - Halt After Steps Without Improvement
 - Use Non-positive Definite Hessian Matrices
 - Static Partitioning (AIR 3.0 compatible)
 - Non-interaction of Spatial Parameter Derivatives
 - Verbose
 - Pre-alignment Interpolation
 - Cost Function
Output Parameters:
 - Linear Transformation
 - Spatial Termination
 - Scaling Termination
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