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Name:From 3D
Type: Module
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Description:Extract 2D image files from a 3D AFNI dataset. Notes: * Image data is extracted directly from the dataset bricks. If a brick has a floating point scaling factor, it will NOT be applied. * Images are extracted parallel to the xy-plane of the dataset orientation (which can be determined by program 3dinfo). This is the order in which the images were input to the dataset originally, via to3d. * If either of these conditions is unacceptable, you can also try to use the Save:bkg function from an AFNI image window.
Input Parameters:
 - Input File
 - Verbose
 - Output Size
 - RAW format
 - Float
 - First Z Slice
 - Last Z Slice
 - First T Slice
 - Last T Slice
Output Parameters:
 - Output File
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