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Type: Module
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Description:Outputs information about a surface's mesh. NOTE: For programs that output results to stdout, (that is to your shell/screen), the debugging info might get mixed up with your results.
Input Parameters:
 - Volume
 - Convexity
 - Closest Node
 - Area
 - Curvature
 - Edges
 - Node Normals
 - Face Normals
 - Normals Scale
 - Coordinates
 - Spherical Coordinates
 - Center Spherical Coordinates
 - Boundary Nodes
 - Internal Nodes
 - Input SpecFile
 - Input Surface Name
 - Surface Volume Align
 - Talairach to Surface
 - No Transforms
 - Trace (Debug)
 - Extreme Trace (Debug)
 - No Memory Trace (Debug)
 - Memory Trace (Debug)
Output Parameters:
 - Prefix
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