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Name:Surface To Surface
Type: Module
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Description:This program is used to interpolate data from one surface (S2) to another (S1), assuming the surfaces are quite similar in shape but having different meshes (non-isotopic). This is done by projecting each node (nj) of S1 along the normal at nj and finding the closest triangle t of S2 that is intersected by this projection. Projection is actually bidirectional. If such a triangle t is found, the nodes (of S2) forming it are considered to be the neighbors of nj. Values (arbitrary data, or coordinates) at these neighboring nodes are then transfered to nj using barycentric interpolation or nearest-node interpolation. Nodes whose projections fail to intersect triangles in S2 are given nonsensical values of -1 and 0.0 in the output.
Input Parameters:
 - Input File Type (#1)
 - Input File Name (#1)
 - Input File Type (#2)
 - Input File Name (#2)
 - Output File Type
 - No Transform
 - Enable I/O Debug and Memory Tracing
 - Enable Extreme Tracing
 - Disable Memory Tracing
 - Enable Memory Tracing
 - -tn Surface Type, Name
 - -tsn Surface Type, State, Name
 - Input Surface Volume
 - Input Spec File
Output Parameters:
 - Output File Name
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