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Name:Surface Smooth
Type: Module
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Description:Some methods require additional options detailed below. I recommend using the -talk_suma option to watch the progression of the smoothing in real-time in suma. See Also: ScaleToMap to colorize the output, however it is better to load surface datasets directly into SUMA and colorize them interactively.
Input Parameters:
 - Input Spec File
 - Input Surface File (A)
 - Method HEAT_07
 - Method HEAT_05
 - Method LM
 - Method NN_geom
 - Input Data (HEAT_07 and HEAT_05 only)
 - FWHM (HEAT_07 and HEAT_05 only)
 - Target FWHM
 - Blurmaster
 - Detrend Blurmaster
 - No Detrend Master
 - Detrend Master Poly
 - Save Detrend Master
 - All Master Sub-bricks
 - Detrend Input
 - Detrend Input Poly
 - Save Detrend Input
 - Number of Iterations
 - Sigma (HEAT_07 and HEAT_05 only)
 - Mask
 - String for Mask
 - Band Pass Frequency
 - Lambda & Mu Parameters
 - Interpolation Weights
 - Match Size
 - Match Volume
 - Match Area
 - Match Sphere
 - Output Surface (NN_geom)
 - Add Index
 - Debug Node
 - Use Neighbors Outside Mask
 - Index SUMA Mask
 - Binary SUMA Mask
 - Talk SUMA
 - SUMA Refresh Rate
 - Send SUMA Kth Element
 - Text Data Mode
 - Binary Data Mode
 - Feed AFNI
 - No Transform
 - Enable I/O Debug and Memory Tracing
 - Enable Extreme Tracing
 - Disable Memory Tracing
 - Enable Memory Tracing
Output Parameters:
 - Output Surface
 - Output File
 - Overwrite
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