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Name:Surface Mesh
Type: Module
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Description:Usage: SurfMesh <-i_TYPE SURFACE> <-o_TYPE OUTPUT> <-edges FRAC> [-sv SURF_VOL] Example: SurfMesh -i_ply surf1.ply -o_ply surf1_half -edges 0.5 Mandatory parameters: -i_TYPE SURFACE: Input surface. See below for details. You can also use the -t* method or the -spec SPECFILE -surf SURFACE method. -o_TYPE OUTPUT: Output surface, see below. -edges FRAC: surface will be simplified to number of edges times FRAC (fraction). Default is .5 refines surface if edges > 1
Input Parameters:
 - Input Type
 - Input Surface
 - Output Type
 - Edges
 - New parameter 1
Output Parameters:
 - Output Surface
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