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Name:Surface Measures
Type: Module
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Description:This program is meant to read in a surface or surface pair, and to output user-requested measures over the surfaces. The surfaces must be specified in the SPEC_FILE. ** Use the 'inspec' command for getting information about the surfaces in a spec file. The output will be a 1D format text file, with one column (or possibly 3) per user-specified measure function. Some functions require only 1 surface, some require 2.
Input Parameters:
 - Input Spec File
 - Input Surface Name (A)
 - Input Surface Name (B)
 - Output 1D File
 - Mask Option
 - Debug
 - Extra Node Info
 - Function
 - Help
 - History
 - All Info
 - Area Info
 - Normalized Info
 - Thickness Info
 - Volume Info
 - Specific Node Output
 - Surface Volume
 - Version
 - Redirect
Output Parameters:
 - Output Log
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