Module Detail Information

Name:Surface Clustering
Type: Module
Short URL:
Description:A program to perform clustering analysis surfaces. The program can outputs a table of the clusters on the surface, a mask dataset formed by the different clusters and a clustered version of the input dataset.
Input Parameters:
 - Surface Spec File
 - Input Surface
 - Input 1D Dataset
 - Input Data Column Index
 - Maximum Radius (RMM)
 - Threshold Column
 - Threshold Before Clustering
 - Absolute Threshold Before Clustering
 - No Output Results for Minimum Area
 - Output Cluster Dataset
 - Output ROI Dataset
 - Prepend Node Index
 - Sort None
 - Sort by # Nodes
 - Sort by Area
 - Update
 - No Central Nodes
 - No Transforms
 - Enable I/O Debug & Memory Trace
 - Enable Extreme Tracing
 - Disable Memory Tracing
 - Enable Memory Tracing
Output Parameters:
 - Prefix
 - Output Full List
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