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Description:This program constructs a 'volumes' stored AFNI dataset from the ANALYZE-75 files file1.img file2.img .... In this type of dataset, there is only a .HEAD file; the .BRIK file is replaced by the collection of .img files. ** For single volume datasets (1 ANALYZE file input), the default is '-abuc'. - Other AFNI programs can read (but not write) this type of dataset. - The advantage of using this type of dataset vs. one created with to3d is that you don't have to duplicate the image data into a .BRIK file, thus saving disk space. - The disadvantage of using 'volumes' for a multi-brick dataset is that all the .img files must be kept with the .HEAD file if you move the dataset around. - The .img files must be in the same directory as the .HEAD file. - Note that you put the .hdr files on the command line, but it is the .img files that will be named in the .HEAD file. - After this program is run, you must keep the .img files with the output .HEAD file. AFNI doesn't need the .hdr files, but other programs (e.g., FSL, SPM) will want them as well. ** DON'T USE THIS PROGRAM! REALLY! USE 3dcopy OR to3d INSTEAD. IF YOU CHOOSE TO USE IT ANYWAY, PERHAPS BECAUSE IT WORKS BETTER ON YOUR 12th CENTURY PLANTAGENET ANALYZE FILES, ADD THE OPTION -OK TO YOUR COMMAND LINE.-- KRH - April 2005.
Input Parameters:
 - Prefix
 - View
 - TR
 - Functional Bucket Dataset
 - Anatomical Bucket Dataset
 - Input Data Set
 - Geometry Parent
 - Orient
 - Z origin
Output Parameters:
 - Output Data Set
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