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Description:Reads an AFNI dataset, writes it out as a NIfTI-1.1 file. NOTES: * The nifti_tool program can be used to manipulate the contents of a NIfTI-1.1 file. * The input dataset can actually be in any input format that AFNI can read directly (e.g., MINC-1). * There is no 3dNIFTItoAFNI program, since AFNI programs can directly read .nii files. If you wish to make such a conversion anyway, one way to do so is like so: 3dcalc -a ppp.nii -prefix ppp -expr 'a'
Input Parameters:
 - Verb
 - Float
 - Pure
 - Denote
 - Use Old ID
 - Input Data Set
 - Use New ID
Output Parameters:
 - Prefix
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