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Description:Writes AFNI dataset 'dset' to 1 or more ANALYZE 7.5 format .hdr/.img file pairs (one pair for each sub-brick in the AFNI dataset). The ANALYZE files will be named: aname_0000.hdr aname_0000.img for sub-brick #0, aname_0001.hdr aname_0001.img for sub-brick #1, and so forth. Each file pair will contain a single 3D array. * If the AFNI dataset does not include sub-brick scale factors, then the ANALYZE files will be written in the datum type of the AFNI dataset. * If the AFNI dataset does have sub-brick scale factors, then each sub-brick will be scaled to floating format and the ANALYZE files will be written as floats. * The .hdr and .img files are written in the native byte order of the computer on which this program is executed.
Input Parameters:
 - 4D
 - Orient
 - Input Data Set
Output Parameters:
 - ANALYZE Output File
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